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Three brands become one

Who's Claire Farr?

Claire Farr was a firebrand redhead who, when she couldn't find supplements that she could tolerate, sat down at her kitchen table to create her own. Her namesake and company, Klaire Labs™, grew to become one of the most trusted brands dispensed by healthcare practitioners today.

Klaire Labs™ was sold to ProThera, Inc. in 2004 and later acquired by Soho Flordis International (SFI) in 2013. SFI's philosophy of empowering healthcare providers with high quality, natural supplement options was ideally suited to the exacting standards of Klaire Labs™.

Prothera Klaire Labs Complementary Prescriptions

Three brands become one

Since the acquisition, Soho Flordis International maintained the three originating brands in the United States; Klaire Labs™, ProThera and Complementary Prescriptions. Now, in 2017, these three brands have refocused on Claire Farr’s original philosophy of purity, potency, and performance. As such, all three will soon be unified with a modernized look based on the legacy Klaire Labs™ logo.

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A new home

2017 also brought a very tangible illustration of SFI’s investment in Klaire’s future. The brand new, highly automated 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Reno, NV provides enhanced capabilities, expanded capacity, advanced quality tools, and modernized processes.

Thought leading pioneer, smart & savvy, allergic to the norm

The year was 1969 when Claire Farr set out to formulate and manufacture high quality, hypoallergenic supplements. As a sufferer of severe food allergies and environmental sensitivities, she was unable to tolerate commercially available nutritional supplements. And she knew there were others like her. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Claire became a tireless crusader for integrative health.

From frustration to formulation

Claire began her journey with single ingredient formulations. Unlike most nutritional supplement manufacturers at the time, Claire purchased only pharmaceutical grade raw ingredients selected specifically for maximum purity and bioavailability. She avoided the use of fillers and synthetic ingredients, while focusing on natural and synergistic constituents. Each product was carefully and purposefully crafted to ensure the maximum benefit in its purest form. As a result, Klaire Labs™ was born.

Integrative healthcare catches fire

At the same time Claire was formulating her products, practitioner demand for higher quality nutraceuticals was growing. Many food sensitivities and common allergens were being identified in patients, and practitioners were looking for supplements that would provide high potency doses of clean and effective ingredients.

Klaire Labs then & now

Over the next few years, Claire's home-grown lab blossomed into a booming business. She garnered the attention and respect of a number of complementary medicine champions, whose seal of approval fueled growth for her endeavors. During this period, Klaire Labs™ greatly expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include bottling and custom formulations.

Today, Klaire Labs™ is a nationally respected brand with hundreds of products trusted by thousands of healthcare practitioners and their patients for consistently reliable outcomes. Claire herself would be proud.

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